Brownells Gunsmith Conference
& Career Fair Suspended Indefinitely

November 4, 2015 – The Brownells Gunsmith Conference & Career Fair saw great success during its eight-year run. More than 3,000 current and future gunsmiths passed through its doors, many of them finding employment in the firearm industry by virtue of their attendance.

Brownells is grateful for their interest, and for the support of the many sponsors and special guests who helped make the event a success.

“The Conference & Career Fair was a great program, and one all of us looked forward to,” said Brownells President Matt Buckingham. “However, we noticed a decreased level of interest from attendees and sponsors during planning for the 2015 career fair. We expect this was the result of the industry resetting its expectations in a quickly changing business environment.”

The return of the event in the future has not been entirely ruled out; however, there will be no Brownells Gunsmith Conference & Career Fair in 2016.

Brownells welcomes comments and questions at [email protected].